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Conversations with Cabrera – Dr. Luoluo Hong

With three decades as a student affairs professional, Luoluo Hong’s commitment to Tech students, their success, and their well-being is profound — and personal.

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VP's Student Communications

Centering Student Voices: What Does Freedom of Expression Mean to You? (Part Two)

This month, we have the chance to learn from the voices of our graduate student leaders as they share their reflections on the rights and responsibilities associated with freedom of expression and inquiry for them.

Centering Student Voices: What Does Freedom of Expression Mean to You? (Part One)

This month we asked undergraduate student leaders why upholding and safeguarding freedom of expression was so important for a college campus. Listen to what GT student leaders shared about what they believe are the most essential rights and responsibilities of students when it comes to protecting speech and expressive activity.

VP@SEWB Newsletter: When is Hate Speech Protected Speech? Another Look at Freedom of Expression

One of the most unique aspects of being part of a higher education community is the ability to learn about and be exposed to a broad, vibrant range of world views, personal perspectives, challenging ideas, and intriguing ideologies. However, this intellectual diversity can sometimes create anxiety, conflict, and tension. 

Arts, Belonging & Community

The units comprising the new division will share a mission of actively engaging students through a wide array of strategies – arts, activities, intercultural dialogue, social events, student organizations and others. The unifying goal is to promote and sustain a sense of belonging and community for all students across all identities, in particular those students who come from historically marginalized or underserved communities.

Campus Services

Campus Services facilitates the creation of a vibrant learn, live, work, play community and enhances the quality of campus life for students, faculty, staff and guests through the delivery of extraordinary services, programs and facilities.

Student Life

Student Life prepares students for their future by fostering learning beyond the classroom through innovative and transformative experiences. Programs and services focus on student transition, learning, leadership, wellness and success, as well as student and parent engagement.