To further, measurably impact the lives students, Student Engagement and Well-Being departments aspire to accomplish goals that are not in direct alignment with the Institute’s six areas of focus.

Associate Vice President for Campus Services

Goal: Cultivate a community of highly talented, engaged, and diverse students and Campus Services personnel.

Objective: Encourage the development of student leaders and student involvement in the Georgia Tech community by financially supporting a variety of student activities.

Auxiliary Operations

Goal: Provide quality retail and vending services for campus.

Objective: Increase the number of "healthier" options (lower in sugar, fat, and calories) offered in campus vending machines and provide clear labeling of these items.

Center for Student Engagement

Goal: Enhance resources for student organizations.

Objective: Improve generalized student organization advising to better aid participants involved in student organizations with developing soft skills (e.g., leadership, problem-solving, time management, communication, and budgeting).

Human Resources

Goal: Cultivate a work environment that reduces employee turnover in the division of SEWB.

Objective: Increase employee retention to ensure the continuity and quality of SWEB operations that support student well-being services, activities, and events.

Office of the Arts

Goal: Cultivate well-being by producing and supporting student events and performances by community cultural organizations.

Objective 1: Strengthen the department’s culture of well-being through the provision of events that positively impact students.

Objective 2: Increase opportunities for student engagement around relevant arts programming topics to help improve their emotional, social, physical, and/or cognitive functioning. 

Parking and Transportation Services

Goal: Encourage employee occupational wellness by supporting employees with their career growth and development to engage them in motivating and interesting work and achieve more workplace satisfaction.

Objective: Increase employee skills through training.

Stamps Health Services

Goal: Provide high quality health services to empower and promote the physical, mental, and social health of the GT community.

Objective: Improve access to student medical records in the SEWB division for better mental health servicing and provider decision-making to manage student well-being care needs.

Stamps Health Services

Goal: Provide students timely access to a broad range of health care services, reduce barriers to access, and provide faculty/staff access to strategically chosen services.

Objective: Enhance preventative care offerings to the GT eligible community (students, faculty, staff, and family members).

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