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Through a collaborative, holistic approach to campus health and well-being, we will create an inclusive environment where all our students and employees can flourish and be fulfilled. We will cultivate well-being by focusing on the total person.

Like graduation, well-being cannot be directly impacted by any person, policy, or program. Rather, institutions of higher education can strive to impact and influence the context, climates, and correlates that are known to be associated with higher levels of well-being, but ultimately, the unique and complex array and interplay of conditions that contribute to well-being varies from student to student - and can also vary for any one individual throughout the course of their life.

The Georgia Institute of Technology has just completed the first year of implementation of Cultivate Well-Being – one of the six strategic focus areas for the 2020-2030 Institute Strategic Plan. During this time, the new division of Student Engagement and Well-being was established (combining the former divisions of Campus Services and of Student Life) and an inaugural Vice President was appointed August 1, 2021; both actions helped to solidify Georgia Tech’s commitment to promoting student health and cultivating well-being. As it enters the second year of implementation, Georgia Tech intends revise and expand its intended strategies to better respond to what has been learned from student data and from student feedback.

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