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VP@SEWB Newsletter: Toward A Beloved Community at Georgia Tech
Happy New Year! I hope you took some time off over Winter Break and implemented some affirmative actions to support your personal wellness that you can now sustain throughout the Spring semester. 
On Free Speech & Creative Expression
On the Crisis in the Middle East & the Impact on GT Students
A number of significant global conflicts are impacting the world at this time, and I would like to focus on the most recent one in this month’s newsletter.
Sharpening Your Self-Care Toolkit!
Welcome to week six of your Fall semester! I love the excitement and energy around the beginning of the Fall semester, but for most students, the first round of exams is already underway or about to be. Accordingly, this month’s newsletter focuses on: Why Belonging Makes a Difference for Student Success, Sharpening Your Self-Care Toolkit, Ribbon Cutting for Black Culture, Innovation, and Technology, New Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available for Students, andStudent Engagement and Well-Being Advocates for Your Success.
Happy New Year!!! New Academic Year That Is…
For those returning to Georgia Tech: welcome back!  For those who are members of the Class of 2027, congratulations on your decision to join the Ramblin’ Wreck family! I’m excited to share the many new things happening in Student Engagement and Well-Being as we continue to support you as students both in and out of the classroom! For our newest Yellow Jackets, this newsletter is my opportunity to communicate with you directly throughout the academic year about the issues, programs, and services that will impact your sense of belonging, well-being, and success. I hope you will find it informative and engaging.
VP@SEWB Newsletter: Celebrating Earth Month; Reflecting on Our Collective Responsibility to End Sexual Violence
April signals the start of spring and the near-ending of the academic calendar. Student Engagement & Well-Being kicked off Student Celebration Week, earmarked by the new student leadership banners that flank the experiential pathway, which runs from the John Lewis Student Center to the Campus Recreation Center. Be sure to walk by while you take a break from your studies and see who of your peers have been honored!
VP@SEWB Newsletter: Welcome Back from Spring Break and a Campus Safety Reminder
Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you found the time and space to disconnect, rejuvenate and relax – in preparation for the rest of the Spring term!
VP@SEWB Newsletter: Happy Galentine’s & Valentine’s Day – On Love & Grace
As we observe Valentine’s Day – whether with friends, family, with a partner, or just by ourselves - it seemed appropriate to focus on social wellness in this issue of our monthly newsletter. We will also cover the following topics: observing black history month, hate speech vs. freedom of speech, and continued support for our global community.
VP@SEWB Newsletter: Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit and Reframing Grades
Best wishes to you and yours as we celebrate the Lunar New Year and welcome a new semester! #YearoftheRabbit I hope you took some time off over Winter Break to sustain or adopt habits to support your wellness that you can now maintain throughout the Spring.
Seasons Greetings!
Seasons Greetings from the Vice President for Student Engagement & Well-Being!
VP@SEWB Newsletter: Giving Thanks All Year Long
As the Winter 2022 holiday season approaches, I want to acknowledge that the Yellow Jacket community comprises individuals of many faiths and expressions of spirituality. As such, we each may celebrate different holidays (or none at all) at this time of year, as well as do so in ways that honor our traditions, cultures and beliefs. However, the practice of gratitude can be a common theme for all. 
VP Newsletter: Happy Halloween!
Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!!  Not sure how you plan to celebrate Halloween but this is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing all the costumes and relish the sense of mystery and mischief that is associated with this day. Regardless of how you observe Halloween, I hope you will take steps to ensure your personal safety and that of others by engaging in low-risk drinking or drugging (or refraining altogether) and keeping an eye on friends. 
Week 6 Check-In
Welcome to week six of your Fall semester! For many students, we are going into our first round of exams. Can you believe it? Now is the time to take a few extra moments to practice mindfulness and self-care to help you be at optimal capacity to achieve your academic performance goals. 
Happy New Year!!! New Academic Year That Is…
For those returning to Georgia Tech: welcome back!  For those who are new Yellow Jackets, congratulations on joining the Ramblin’ Wreck family! I can hardly believe summer is over and another academic year is upon us. I’m excited to share the many new things happening in Student Engagement and Well-Being as we continue to support you as students both in and out of the classroom!
Self-Care Strategies & Sexual Assault Awareness Month
I can hardly believe that we are near the end of another academic year! With only a few days left of the semester, I want to take this opportunity to applaud you for getting to this point of your academic journey; it took perseverance and tenacity to do so.  I hope you each take the time to remember the obstacles you’ve overcome in the past months, as well as celebrate your successes, both big and small. 
Tips for Finishing the Semester Successfully
Happy Spring! I hope you were able to take some time off to relax during Spring Break. Whether you chose to travel away from Atlanta or enjoyed a staycation, it will be important for you to recharge and prepare for the remainder of the semester.
Covid-19 At-Home Test Kits on Campus
To provide students with options for immediate testing needs, Student Engagement and Well-Being has procured a limited supply of at-home testing kits to facilitate self-care for students who are experiencing symptoms or illness that could be Covid-19 related.
Covid-19 At-Home Test Kit Registration for Residential College Students
The U.S. government announced last week that every household in the U.S. is eligible to order four free at-⁠home Covid-⁠19 tests. College students are eligible to order these tests. However, because of their multi-unit nature and incompatibility with USPS coding systems, campus residence halls can pose challenges for determining what constitutes “household.”
Campus Health Update
The Gwinnett County Health Department has informed us that there was an individual at Georgia Tech between August 23, 2021 and September 27, 2021 who has been diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). Read the full letter for more information. 
Resources to help you finish well
You are near the finish line for the Fall 2021 semester. While this is a time of anticipation and celebration, we have also heard from many of you that you are experiencing some anxiety and uncertainty as we approach final exams.
Welcome from the Vice President
An introduction to the new Vice President, Dr. Luoluo Hong and the new Division of Student Engagement & Well-Being.